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As you may know, today’s gaming industry has a huge impact on human life. Recent research has been done on this topic and specified that there are 3 billion gamers in the world.

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Most gamers experience gaming on multiple platforms such as PCs, mobile phones, and different for a gamer on which platform he is playing, the Passion and excitement are enough to spend most of his time on these games.

I would assume that if you are a gamer, maybe you have spent countless hours playing games and your family told you this is just wasting your time, playing the video game is worthless, you should start learning some new skills and read some books. Probably they might be right in some way until now.

You may know about cryptocurrency and NFT. GameFi is the hottest and newest thing in nowadays in the cryptocurrency world.
GameFi, representing the combination of decentralized finance (DeFi) and gaming, operates under a play-to-earn model instead of play-to-win.

As for the definition of GameFi, there will be a big question, how players can earn money and have monetization with a play-to-earn mechanism. All of these come up with NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

What are NFTs?

NFTs and play to earn games

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are digital assets that hold value due to their provable uniqueness or collectibility.‍
NFTs have gained popularity as art, music, videos, and in-game items, as well as other collectible items.

NFTs in games?

Before nft entered the gaming world, NFTs were just for some unique items like the first tweet of Jack Dorsey has sold for 2.9 million dollars also CryptoPunks, a completely random set of 10,000 digital characters that one of them sold for 7.6 million dollars.
These NFTs had a big problem people didn’t need to buy them means that if they did, it was only for fun and interests.
GameFi Due to the use of NFTs started creating a need in the games ecosystem.
Let me explain it to you with a clean-cut example, suppose that you have a flower and this flower needs water, sun, and maintenance, so now for having a garden of flowers, you have to buy facilities.

For most play-to-earn games that are now really famous, every item in the game is NFT .for example, in some games, guns and clothes are NFTs, then players can have a monetization ecosystem by purchasing and selling NFTs.

The great transformation in gaming

According to the description above, now you are familiar with GameFi and the play-to-earn games ecosystem, so you are ready to know about the new GameFi project. Today buying lands in the metaverse is going to be a trend, people who appreciate investing in such projects are the winners of this new zone of the crypto world because so much will happen soon.

Currently, some people and also some governments earn money from mining cryptocurrency. What do you think about this operation in the metaverse? a game that simulates mining operations virtually.I am not just talking about a virtual mining operation.

What is minerio?

what is minerio?play to earn game

The Minerio game is a next-generation gaming metaverse with a unique economic and monetization ecosystem. In the minerio metaverse, you can buy virtual miner NFTs and mine Rio tokens.
Rio de Janeiro is our first city in the game that has 2000 land NFTs in three models with different bonuses. North and South, East and West, and Central.
After buying land you have three options, you can stake it, rent it(so others can have miners in your land, don’t worry, I will explain it to you later.), or you, yourself can work on your land and expand your economic system.

How does the Minerio ecosystem work?

You may have questions like what miners are, how to buy land, how can I earn money, and so on. In the other articles, we will explain more about minerio and how does the ecosystem works.

what are Miners in minerio?

V-Miners stands for virtual miners are some NFTs, the way of supplying electricity of V-miners is through uranium fuel and they mine Rio token, Rio is the cryptocurrency in the game.
RIO is a secure, fast, and Decentralized BEP20 Blockchain Token on the BSC network.
the more miners you buy, the more Rio tokens you have.

This project has a road map of 3 years of development and growth. So much is going to happen.

stay tuned for more about Minerio.



Minerio game

Minerio is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency mining simulator game using the RIO token.