How to purchase Minerio factory stocks NFTs?

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3 min readAug 1, 2022


This article will explain how you can buy and invest in Minerio’s Factories.

Factories are a particular land type NFT with one purpose: to make new NFT miners. Therefore, when you own factory stocks NFT, you will get a share from the factory’s miner NFT sale. 3% of all factories’ stock is minted as ERC 1155 Factories Fractional Stock NFTs with 3000 supplies. The more you purchase these NFTs, the more you get income from Factories’ Miners sale.

Factory fractional NFT price

Each Factory Stock NFT costs 10$, and 3000 of them are available now. You can buy them through our website. These Factory Stocks are transferable and you can put them on every other polygon marketplaces.

How to purchase factory NFTs with Pc browser?

1- Install the Metamask extension on your browser

2- Switch to a polygon network (go to chainlist)

  • Search the polygon network
  • Then switch the network to polygon.

3- Open the browser on your pc and search for

  • Connect your wallet
minerio website
Minerio marketplace

4- go to marketplace

5- Select how many stokes you want to buy

minerio factory stock sale
purchase Minerio factory stocks NFT

How to purchase factory NFTs with mobile phone?

1- Open the Metamask app

how to buy

2- Switch to polygon network (how to add polygon network to Metamask).

2- Choose the browser from the menu.

4- Search

5- Connect your wallet

5- Go to marketplace and select the factory tab.

minerio factory stock sale

6- now you can purchase factory NFT stocks.

To buy, you must connect your wallet to the polygon network and have the required amount in MATIC. The next step is to go to Metamask and complete the purchase. Once you have completed the process, you will become the factory’s owner.

Remember the number of factory NFT stocks dont appear in your Metamask wallet. But our website allows you to access the stocks you have purchased when your wallet is connected.



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