How to participate in the RIOZ token pre-sale & airdrop?

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Jul 20, 2022


There are three ways to participate in Rioz token airdrop and presale.

There is a 1.5 $minimum fee for participating in the Rioz token pre-sale airdrop. And the maximum fee for this pre-sale is 30$. MATIC, USDC, and USDT are all accepted. These tokens should be all on the polygon network.

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VIP Rioz token pre-sale

Minero landowners have the opportunity to participate in the VIP token presale. They can purchase up to $1,000 in Rioz Tokens for each land, and their Rioz Tokens will be kept for one year.

vip token pre-sale
Vip section
Rio token pre-sale

Specify how much token you want to buy.

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Referral link

Note that users who invite others to purchase tokens with their referral codes will receive 10% of any purchase. The inviting user must have participated in the airdrop.



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Minerio is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency mining simulator game using the RIO token.