How to purchase Minerio lands

How to buy Minerio lands using trust wallet?

1-Open our website and click “Connect wallet.”

2- A menu will pop up choose “connect with Walletconnect button and then select Trust”.

connect with wallet connect

3- In trust wallet first check your network to be on polygon.

polygon network

4- You can switch the network to polygon by clicking on main wallet or by going to

5- Your wallet is now connected and you can go to the map, lands and show case tabs and choose a green block.

purchase lands

6- You can purchase Minerio land

minerio land

How to buy land using Metamask:

1- open the Metamask app on your phone. Make sure that your wallet is on the polygon network. (go to the

metamask wallet

2-go to menu and click on the browser

3- Search for, the site opens click on connect wallet button

5-Now your wallet is connected, so you can go to maketplace and in lands tab and map you can buy your NFT

6- In the lands tab Click on the land you want

How to add NFT in the Metamask:

On your Metamask wallet, do all the following steps to add NFT into your wallet:

1-Set your network on polygon network.

metamask wallet

2-Go to NFTs tap

3-click on import NFT

4-Two sections will appear

Address: 0x442C3bd78a9c4369A4Cc9100089e41e2b41Fc431

ID: enter the land ID

5- Click on import NFT

6- Congratulations, your land is now visible in your wallet.

We are so proud that you are here to be a member of our family and a citizen of Rio. Don’t miss the big promotion on our website. It is a great opportunity to buy land in Minerio.



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