How to connect your wallet and purchase Minerio lands

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4 min readAug 2, 2022


Everyone can connect their wallets to minerio website and purchase lands, Factories, or participate in our VIP RIOZ token staking plan. Remember that when using your mobile phone you need to surf web3 websites using Wallets’ browsers. So on your mobile phone use metamask or trust wallet browsers for connecting to and purchasing from minerio website!

On desktop you can use whatever browser, which supports metamask, you like to connect your wallet!

How to connect your wallet in mobile phones?

1- Simply install Metamask or any other wallets on your phone.

2- Open your wallet application and go to your wallet’s browser.

3- Search for

4- Tap on “Connect” Button.

5- Tab on “Connect with Metamask” or “Connect with WalletConnect” based on your need.

6- If you’re not on “Polygon Network” change your network to Polygon Network.

7- And that’s it. Your wallet is connected to Minerio!

NB: Note that in mobile phones, you can only connect your wallets using wallets’ browsers. Using chrome or any other browsers will show you a note that Metamask is not installed in your device.

How to buy Minerio lands using trust wallet?

1- Open our website and click “Connect wallet.”

2- A menu will pop up choose “connect with Walletconnect button and then select Trust”.

connect with wallet connect

3- In trust wallet first check your network to be on polygon.

polygon network

4- You can switch the network to polygon by clicking on main wallet or by going to

5- Your wallet is now connected and you can go to the map, lands and show case tabs and choose a green block.

purchase lands

6- You can purchase Minerio land

minerio land

How to buy land using Metamask?

1- open the Metamask app on your phone. Make sure that your wallet is on the polygon network. (go to the

metamask wallet

2-go to menu and click on the browser

3- Search for, the site opens click on connect wallet button

5-Now your wallet is connected, so you can go to maketplace and in lands tab and map you can buy your NFT

6- In the lands tab Click on the land you want

How to add Land NFTs in Metamask?

On your Metamask wallet, do all the following steps to add NFT into your wallet:

1-Set your network on polygon network.

metamask wallet

2-Go to NFTs tap

3-click on import NFT

4-Two sections will appear

Address: 0x442C3bd78a9c4369A4Cc9100089e41e2b41Fc431

ID: enter the land ID

5- Click on import NFT

6- Congratulations, your land is now visible in your wallet.

We are so proud that you are here to be a member of our family and a citizen of Rio. Don’t miss the big promotion on our website. It is a great opportunity to buy land in Minerio.



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