Minerio Quarterly Report: Q1, 2022

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5 min readApr 12, 2022
Welcome to your land!

The first quarter of 2022 was a creative journey for us. So many features, designs, game development, artworks, and blockchain engineering were done by the team in a short term period. We are grateful for our accomplishments and learned from our mistakes.

Our team will report project progress at the end of each quarter. Our main goals for this quarter were:

1- Create a 3D map of the Rio city
2- Add more features to the Player dashboard
3- Whitepaper update with more land types and a more extensive ecosystem.
4- Start the IDO Crypto Platform Development
5- Collaborate with partners and advisors

3D map of the Rio site

We developed the 3D map of Rio city so that you can purchase your lands or NFTs via this application. Furthermore, this application also represents the industrial city of Rio at the time of construction.
Therefore, our users can explore the town and watch their NFTs’ building progress.

You can download our 3D map via our telegram channel or website.

Check out the 3D map here

Player dashboard & New website

Our new website has been launched in beta version. You can visit our website at https://beta.minerio.net. You can purchase your lands, watch 3D maps, and visit the marketplace on our new beta version website. We also designed a player dashboard. You can see all the features inside our player dashboard in the picture below:

player dashboard minerio project
Player’s dashboard

We’ve also progressed in our airdrop platform, and we will have airdrops soon enough.

Minerio new website

Whitepaper update

We made a big chunk of our game decentralized and need more time to update the docs and designs. We need more time a bit, to update our roadmap and keep up with the technology. A new Whitepaper Update with more land types with a bigger ecosystem is coming out soon. Stay tuned to our social media to see more news.

Whitepaper Update coming soon

IDO Crypto Platform

We started developing our IDO Crypto Platform Development this quarter. All of our contracts are multi-signed contracts, which means everyone on the Board of Directors should agree on every decision.

Loyalty, Marketplace, and Users Revenue Contracts Roles have been written down and are ready for full development:
- Team share contract: This contract aims to divide the Minerio team share of our token supply.
- Staking Contract: This contract manages users’ token staking and earns more crypto.
- Marketplace Contract: This contract is nearly done. Its purpose is to manage our marketplace; for example, each purchase and transaction from the marketplace will send the crypto into our liquidities and game revenue.

We’re proud to tell you that our company will officially register in Dubai blockchain Freezone soon.

RIOZ token icon

Collaborate with partners and advisors

BSC Daily

BSC Daily is one of the brands that work in blockchain games. They’re one of the best at introducing this type of game. They report the latest blockchain news daily, and This team presents each project after its authentication and validations.

NFT daily

In investments and cryptocurrencies, NFT daily brand reviews and introduces top NFTs. This brand introduces each NFT after reviewing the contract and checking the verification. NFT daily has also introduced the Minerio project on its Telegram channel and Twitter.

Play to earn Games

All blockchain games introduced by the brand have good ecosystems and are suitable for earning money. In addition, the brand has also introduced Minerio as a revenue-generating platform.

New Logo, New Feel

Our logo has been changed recently by our design team. here is more about our new logo and logotype.

NFT land sale spike!

We are proud to inform you that 232 lands have been sold so far.
Also, note that the biggest land has been sold at this stage of the pre-sale!
What have you bought?

We have work to do! :)

Artwork, NFT, and Stuff!

The Minerio art team was very busy with NFT design and creating a beautiful world for you. We designed every single NFT artwork from scratch to a well-polished 3D render in 4K, and trust me, it was hard!

Some of the concepts, 3Dmodel tests & sketches
3D model research & develop
New NFT arts
Our art team

Happy Mining!
The Minerio Team



Minerio game

Minerio is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency mining simulator game using the RIO token.