Minerio lands: What are the benefits?

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So far, you’ve got information about Minerio and its gameplay, such as what miners are and how you can earn money by mining Rioz Tokens. In this article, we want to talk more specifically about Minerio lands and how you can buy them using wallets like Metamask and Trustwallet.

What are Minerio lands?

These days, buying land in Metavars is a big trend in the evolving world of blockchain technology.

Minerio is a metaverse mining play to earn game, and it has special Land and Miner NFTs. The lands are limited. There are 674 lands available in total. It is not necessary to own one to play the game. You can rent it from others and mine Rioz tokens. if you own the land, you won’t have to pay the other Minerio landowners’ rent.

Minerio Lands stats

Total blocks: 2500

Total land: 990

Total lands available to buy: 681

Mining site lands: 674

Factory lands: 7

Total districts: 7 (NW, NE, E, C, W, SW, SE)

Land types based on utility:

Security office: 6 lands
Management office: 4 lands
Power plant: 6 lands
Network facility: 4 lands
Road & Highway

Minerio landowners

The wallet address on the blockchain that holds a Minerio land NFT, is a landowner. Landowners will have an online dashboard in the Minerio metaverse to control and monetize their lands. Also, they can sell their lands on the Minerio marketplace or any other marketplace that the game supports.

There is only one NFT for every Minerio land. Each land has a unique ID that shows the location, block count, and other land metadata. If you own a land NFT, you own that specified land ID in the minerio metaverse and the advantages will be yours.

These lands are in different districts, including:

North, South, East, West, and Central.

Generate monetization in the Minerio metaverse.

Profits can vary depending on your investment in Minerio lands. Our project has a 5 Year Roadmap, and we have big goals. First-time buyers of NFT land may know that the value of the land will rise during this period, giving you a better chance of success than others.

Also, you can get rent money from the miners. Land staking is renting your land to miners. You can create a revenue stream for your land by getting rent money from the mining community. Please read the related section on the whitepaper to learn more about land staking.

In the game, having land without paying any rent to the others for placing miners and mining Rioz tokens also increases your income percentage in the game.

What are the types of land?

There are three different types of land. We are listing them here with their features and utilities.

Standard (Blue): Most affordable lands in the Minerio metaverse. Standard land generates Standard rent. Standard land in Rio city is located in the North & South districts.

Common (Purple): Special lands that generate ~35% more rent than the standards. Common lands are a bit pricier than standard lands and generate ~5% more R.O.I in comparison. Common lands in Rio city are in West & East districts and the supply is limited because only west district lands are for sale.

Legendary (Gold): The most valuable lands in the Minerio metaverse. Legendary lands are generating ~60% more rent than Standards, but the return on investment is 10% higher than Standard lands.

Legendary lands in Rio city are in the Central districts and have a very limited supply.

The big promotion started on our website: For every land purchase you receive:

1-Free land in Dubai city! For every Rio city landowner. The size of the reward land in Dubai is based on the rarity & size of your Rio city land. Dubai is the next city in the Minerio metaverse.

2-Free miners! Rio city land comes with a free miner. When you buy land from the Minerio marketplace, you will get a free miner for each land block at the game launch. The quality of the miners is based on the rarity of your land. For example, if you buy a 10-block legendary land, you will get 10 class A miners for free.

3-VIP access to Rioz token pre-sale! For every Rio city landowner, there will be a special VIP right to participate in the Rioz token pre-sale. With VIP access, you can be sure you’re making the most profitable and secure investment.

This promotion is not an all-time event and may end at a certain time. Please follow our official Twitter account to learn more and get the latest news.



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