The new generation of miners in Metaverse with Minerio game

minerio game and metavers mining

Minerio is a brand-new P2E game

Minerio game is a #playtoearn cryptocurrency mining simulator game.
The style of the game is idle strategy. The gameplay mechanism in Idle games is simple, click on the screen to produce or build something and wait for it to get ready. Its strategy means doing things to improve it. So your job is to increase revenue.

Lands in Minerio game
Rio token in Minerio game

Rio token in Minerio

RIOZ token is a secure, fast, and decentralized polygon blockchain network. Every transaction in the Minerio world uses the RIOZ token. With the RIOZ token, you can buy NFT, Land, and Miners, Pay your factory rent, Pay mining operation costs, Pay your workers, etc. Also, your mining income will be in RIOZs. We should note that the IDO hasn’t started yet.

Minerio game NFTs

The Minerio game NFTs

Lands, Miners, and Robots are the main NFTs. If you are a forward-looking person, we offer you Minerio lands. These lands were divided into factories and industrial sheds.

Minerio miner NFTs

Types of miners in Minerio

Miners are unique game NFTs, and there are many types of them. They vary according to the hash rate, type of it, size, electricity, network connections, and factory that produces it, and the price varies depending on the features they have.

minerio game

Where can we buy Miners?

According to the road map, the launch date for Miners will be between July and September 2022. You can buy them with Rioz tokens on our website and go to the marketplace tab to see different types of miners. We support many wallets, including Metamask, Trustwallet, C98, etc.

Final words

Our main goal at the Minerio game is for those who do not know about the Metaverse and the gaming world, so they can participate in this new world and take full advantage of the countless benefits of the play to earn games.



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Minerio game

Minerio game

Minerio is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency mining simulator game using the RIO token.