Minerio quarterly report: Q2, 2022

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5 min readJul 19, 2022


The minerio team has always strived to deliver top performance in all quarters, and the good news is that the second quarter is complete. It’s been a challenging and costly road, but we are pleased to have completed all of our goals this quarter.

In this article, as in the first quarter, we will review the reports and goals achieved one by one and provide you with an update.

Our goals for this quarter were:

  • Founding our company in Dubai
  • Finish Miners design
  • Second Land NFT drop
  • Updated Minerio website.
  • Launch a 3D game airdrop system on our website
  • Launch the Minerio marketplace
  • Update our whitepaper
  • We’ve added features for the 3D map like the NFT marketplace
  • Grow our community and get more publicity about the project
  • Drop first factory stock NFT to the marketplace

Founding our company in Dubai

In recent years, Dubai has become a cryptocurrency city, and many crypto companies have moved to this city in search of these opportunities. The first step in making your crypto trading or GameFi project legal in Dubai or any other UAE city is obtaining a license. Our company is based in Dubai and consists of skilled and talented engineers and artists.

Minerio company in Dubai

This year, we obtained licenses for information technology, game development, metaverse services, and game publishing in Dubai and established our company office.

Finish Miners design

Miners are NFTs that can mine the RIOZ token. When you play the Minerio game, these miners can make money in exchange for their work, just like in the real world. So they play an essential role. Although conceptualizing different categories was difficult, our art team was capable and designed 95 different miner models in a short period. You did a great job, Minerio art team!

Check out some of these beautiful Miner designs below.

Miner design in the Minerio metaverse (All Rights Reserved)

Second Land NFT drop

Despite the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, the NFT market is still standing, and Minerio’s land value is holding up. We had a successful sale in our pre-sale, which began in April, and only 415 lands remain. Lands in Minerio are limited. You still have time to make a purchase.

The new Minerio website

We have fixed bugs and added some features to our new website. By adding the promotion as a section, more people can participate. Moreover, we are launching the factory, so now you can access this part through the marketplace.

Launch a 3D game airdrop system on our website

On our website, we have designed a simple game, it’s a production line and so many gifts are displayed. These gifts belong to our website’s lucky winners. Under development, coming soon.

minerio website game

Launch the Minerio marketplace

We have launched our new marketplace with a lot of capabilities, we have lands, miners, and factory tabs so then you can buy your NFT through this section.

Update our whitepaper

In this update, we have tried to provide people with the main functionality of the project.

This quarter, we tried to give a complete explanation of all components of the game, gameplay, and tokens, as well as establishing the company in Dubai. Please refer to our whitepaper if you have any questions about the project.

Updated features for the 3D map like the NFT marketplace

Our 3D map got updated and the bugs were fixed. The land can be easily purchased in this update, and the city is currently half-built and under construction. However, soon we will have a newer update in which the lands have been constructed and the city of Rio has been built. Stay tuned.

Grow our community and get more publicity about the project

Compared to the first quarter, our followers on Telegram and Twitter on social media increased, and Minerio’s Instagram was launched in both Persian and Arabic languages.

Our community has grown. To make the minerio a big brand, we must work hard, so we can’t say we’ve done our job.

Factory Stock NFTs are here!

The factory design has been completed and it will be presented as factory fractions. For more information, please refer to our Minerio game whitepaper.

For more information, please go to the white paper, factories section.

Final words

Our journey so far has been extremely challenging, and we will continue to do so. Don’t forget to support us along the way and follow us on social media.



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