The economy behind the Minerio game

analysis Minerio game economy
analysis the Minerio game economy

An essential aspect of any blockchain game is its economic system. The revenue models of blockchain gaming are typically skewed toward the player rather than solely winding up in the pockets of the game publishers. Considering that the primary goal of the game developers is to create a successful game with an optimal p2e mechanism, Minerio has started to build an economy using the same thinking to create an opportunity for its players to earn a decent income. In this article, we will explore the economic system of Minerio in more detail.

Minerio metaverse game

Our goal is to create a metaverse system where you can trade, work and be a part of a new evolving economy.

Minerio allows users to create and monetize without investing any money. In other words, our game is free-to-play. However, the investment would be a good way to increase monetization. When it comes to investing, the land is a good choice. Below you will find information about some revenue-generating NFT systems in the minerio metaverse.

Minerio game city
Minerio city

Minerio NFTs are lands, miners, and factory stocks. In the Minerio metaverse, you can buy your Miners and create a Mining site on the industrial sheds.

Minerio lands APR

Each site is divided into several sub-areas called the Lands. After Purchasing Land, you can start staking your Land NFT and generate RIOZ tokens as the Land’s rent. The average APR in different lands is:

Standard: 12%

Normal: 16.2%

Legendary: 19.2%

different Minrio game land type

Landowners will have an online dashboard to control and earn money from their lands. People can buy, sell or transfer NFT by visiting the Open-sea marketplace or the Minero Marketplace. You can read more about land in our Minerio lands article.

Miner NFTs and their income

Do you know how mining cryptocurrency works?

Miners NFT in the Minerio game

There is no question that crypto mining requires energy. Miners convert it into hashes or algorithmically produced strings of letters and numbers. The best miners can create over 100 terahashes per second.

The operation of miners in the minerio game works in the same way, Miners are NFTs that can mine RIOZ tokens. When you play Minerio, these miners can earn money for their work just like in the real world. All miners connected to the OASIS network, work for this network and pour the generated RIOZ into the reward pool, and then users can withdraw their earnings based on their total hash rates.

Let’s look at Miners in greater detail and examine their differences. Miner prices start at 10$ in the game. You can purchase miners at the lowest price from the Minerio marketplace. Once the importance of Miners grows, people will start buying and selling in the black market at high prices.

Players should focus on achieving the highest hash rate possible. There’s a certain amount of hash rate that each miner produces, and you should upgrade it. All miners need at least one free slot in your warehouse, a power supply from your uranium tubes, a network connection, and a configuration based on your preference. There is a wide mining variety in the Minerio metaverse. You can choose your miner by its technology, style, branding, perks, or size.

Read more about Minerio miners.

Factory Stocks NFTs and their income

factory stocks and their income in the Minerio metaverse

Factories are a particular type of NFT, with one purpose: to make new NFT miners.

Investing in factory shares is not the same as miners or land. These NFTs are offered as fractional NFTs, and we have decided to sell each at a fair price of $10. Therefore anyone can have ownership of the factory NFT.

Being a factory shareholder can especially bring you passive income. A percentage of every miner sold in the game marketplace goes to the $RIOZ reward pool and will divide between the owners of the factories.

Factory APR per share: 5.72%

Read more about factory NFT shares.

RIOZ token monetization

Every transaction in the Minerio world is with the RIOZ token. With the RIOZ token, you can buy NFT, Land, and Miners, Pay your factory rent, Pay mining operation costs, Pay your workers, and so on. Also, Your mining income, staking reward, land profit, marketplace sales, etc. will be in RIOZ. The income obtained from the working of miners and the profits of the lands are with the Rioz token, and these tokens are constantly circulating in the game cycle. We plan to hold a new presale on the Pink sale or any other platform you can check out on our social media: Twitter and telegram.
also, you can join our community telegram group and ask us your questions.

take part in RIOZ token presale

We plan to build a new virtual country with a professional community and citizens where you can trade and enjoy your progress. We are in the process of developing the game with the hardworking of our art and game development teams. stay tuned.



Minerio is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency mining simulator game using the RIO token.

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Minerio game

Minerio is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency mining simulator game using the RIO token.